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Natural Foods

We produce foods such as fracora in factories accredited with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice, an international manufacturing standard for pharmaceutical products), and deliver products manufactured based on a strict quality control system.

Through these health foods, we support those who wish for long-lasting health and beauty from the inside.

Natural Foods

Beauty foods


fracora, the aging-care brand for all people who wish to live a positive life. Since its birth in 2004, the brand has delivered exciting products that bring beauty and health to the consumers.

Products line of mail order business. Products line of OTC market.

Natural Foods


With a total commitment to ingredients and nutrients, Kyowa's Shizen-ohkoku series places importance on health, taste and the region of production. This series endeavors to provide the food indispensible for the family table. Its products, in which the flavors and nutrients of the ingredients remain unspoiled, can be enjoyed with peace of mind by anyone from children to the elderly.

Products line of OTC market.
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