President's Message

We will further deepen our knowledge partnerships with stakeholders to respond to the health and beauty needs of the middle-aged and older sustomer markets.

代表取締役 堀内泰司

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your kind support of Kyowa Co., Ltd.

With the keywords of health, beauty, the environment, and taste, we at Kyowa aim to fulfill the customer’s hopes for long-lasting health and beauty, and aspire to manage the delivery of safe and high quality products and services whilst always putting the customer first.

What we advocate to our employees as the fundamental principle for product development is a ‘knowledge partnership’ with people in various fields. Our product development is undertaken against the background of this ‘knowledge partnership’ and the valuable feedback contributed by our customers.

Through continuing to expand the ‘Fracora’ series in the beauty category, we take pride in having made a great contribution to the establishment of the collagen drink and placenta markets.

In addition, in the future, we are going to expand our beauty business to incorporate techniques and products for improving facial muscle tone. Hence, we must strive for customer satisfaction by increasing our range of products as well as providing training in special stretching methods.

Kyowa aims to be a dynamic organization in which each and every employee is motivated and focused. Kyowa hopes to further ‘knowledge partnerships’ with people in various fields and to continually evolve in order to deliver a ‘lively smile’ to the daily lives of the people.

Kyowa Co., Ltd.

Representative Director 堀内泰司

Corporate Message

Supporting a daily life full of lively smiles

Management philosophy

  • We support consumers and producers through discovering, commercializing and distributing products in the areas of health, beauty, the environment, and taste.
  • Based on trust and mutual understanding, we extend a network of partnerships and carry out management open to participation by all parties.
  • We are committed to a select and creative organization in which there is comprehensive discussion, joint contribution of ideas, constant innovation and rapid response, without being caught up in the past.
  • We will become a company where each and every employee can fulfill themselves in business activities while growing as individuals and realizing a rewarding life.
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