With Customers

As a familiar presence of the customer

As a familiar presence of the customer

We, Mail- order house are limited to take chance, communication with the clients.

Since 2010, we have increased opportunity to communicate with the customers, having seminar and special exercise, inviting specialists of Health and Beauty.

We are always paying attention to the customers keeping intimate relation.

Representative Events

  • Anti-aging Seminar
    (Theory, Healthy French Lunch, blow 500kcl and Training)
  • Beauty Lifting Seminar
    (Face Muscle Exercise)
  • Memorial Beauty Photo ceremony at film studio cooperation with professional photographer and heir & makeup artist

PR activity, inviting the customer

Models in Fracora bulletin, poster and leaflet are all user of Fracora products.

We are requesting the users who change the degree of beauty, and participation in our PR activities as Fracora beauties.

The number of Fracora beauties will be increased substantially by our continuous endeavor,

further upgrading attraction for the brand of Fracora.


  • Japan Walking Association

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